This App was created to help kids learn about the different continents of the World. It contains over 545 pictures of the different places and includes words on each map that describe what a person might see. The App is not perfect but i hope it helps you learn a little bit more about each place and proves a point or two about where you are from.

How did I create a globe that children will love? By combining different educational apps. The app I used is Planet Maps Kids. This app provides a fun way for kids to explore the world by creating their own maps. When you place a dot on a map of a place such as Paris or London, the app turns that dot into a different shape based on the population of that place. For example, if you place a dot on Paris and then tap on Germany, a new shape will appear.

There is a methodical way to learn different places and their features because each topic has many variations.  Whenever you feel like you have reached a limit in your knowledge or abilities, set aside time and do an exercise. In studying history for example, one can learn about ancient civilizations by walking around the streets of cities and seeing how things used to be done. The chances are that you will learn a lot more about such phenomena if you do interesting things around cities than if you just study words on a page.

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