5 Activities to Entertain the Modern Grandchild

If you’re a grandparent, one thing’s pretty obvious: your children grew up in a much different time than the one your grandchild is currently experiencing. For starters, a 2016 study found that most children get their first smartphone by the age of 10. Your grown children probably didn’t even have a phone in their bedroom when they were in high school!

Today’s kid is a product of the digital age, and there may be more distance between grandparents and grandchildren now than ever before. But there are several activities that bridge that gap, and make sleepovers with your grandchild as enjoyable as they are cherished for everyone.

Try these fun things to do with your grandchildren when they visit, and you’ll never hear the words “I’m bored” from them again!


1. Turn on their music. It may not be your preferred genre, but as long as it’s appropriate, they’ll have a ball dancing around your living room! How can you get involved? Easy. Print out the lyrics (you can easily find them online with a search of the title and artist) and create a little makeshift sing-along or karaoke session. We bet they’ll love their grandparents singing their favorite current hits!

2. Play an active video game. This is a slam dunk to entertain grandkids, and the reason is threefold. They’ll be exercising while playing, you’ll be able to participate, and what child says no to a video game? The hardest part is getting your hands on a gaming console. Hopefully, your grandkids already have a console like Wii or Xbox, or you can buy one used. Whatever the case, games like Just DanceMario Power Tennis, and Active Life Outdoor Challenge are just a few fun and active options for everyone.

3. Set up leisure outdoor games. During a beautiful day, getting outside is a must, and your front or backyard can be the perfect setting for a ton of fun. Try teaching them some classic games like croquet, badminton, or boccie ball. But what if they’re more inclined to play a game a little more…current? (This is the modern grandchild after all.) Try these:

Cornhole: A simple game designed for four people. It’s essentially a slow-paced beanbag toss with wood boards.
Spikeball: This cross between four square and volleyball is sure to be a hit with your grandkids. It’ll get your heart rate up, too!
DIY obstacle course: Lay out your garden hose for them to hop along, chairs for them to crawl under, a piece of wood for them to balance across, and water balloons to…well, you just need to add some water balloons! Consider setting this up before they arrive, and their faces will light up when they see the lawn.

4. Go on a photo scavenger hunt. With this activity, their phone or camera is essential and they’ll love that! All you need to do is create a list of items for your grandkids to capture. Try these:

  • Purple flower
  • Someone riding a bike
  • Fire hydrant
  • American flag
  • Yellow house
  • Bumper sticker
  • Black dog
  • Plane flying
  • Butterfly
  • Pine cone
  • Garden gnome
  • Swing set


5. Beach daytrip. If you’re lucky enough to live close to a lake or the ocean, there is nothing quite like sharing the day with your grandkids in the sun. Not only can you go for a dip in the water and make sandcastles, you can also bring the yard games from earlier. Just remember sunscreen.

And if you don’t live near the beach? A nature walk is a great option, too. Whether it’s a stroll near a body of water or a trek on a hiking trail, put on some sunscreen, pack a lunch and take in your community’s scenery together!

If they’re visiting for the day, pick one or two of these activities to entertain your grandkids. If they’re visiting for the week, try them all! Either way, if you can fill their visits with a little unexpected fun, they may never want to leave grandma and grandpa’s!